10 Options to Buy & Sell At the Same Time

Purchase a Spec Home/New Construction

Builders in our area are working hard to create new inventory. A spec home is a home that the builder started and/or completed without having a purchaser. This can be a great option for buyers as there is typically less competition and many buyers like the idea of having a brand new home. Financing for new construction is similar to financing an existing home.

Buy Land and Custom Build

This can be a great option for buyers who want to have their own land and pick out all the options from start to finish in their new home. With this option, there are more steps involved, but the end result is customizable to your exact needs.

Negotiate Seller Possession After Closing

This option has become more popular in this market. Buyers are allowing a seller to stay in the home they are purchasing for a few days even up to a few months to allow the seller time to secure their next home. For many sellers, possession after closing is a key thing they’re looking for, so if a buyer can offer them time, it may be enough to beat out the competition.

Work Out an Extended Closing Period

For buyers who aren’t comfortable allowing sellers to remain in the home after closing, this can be a great alternative. With this option, the buyer and seller agree to a closing date that is pushed out later than typical to allow the seller extra time. If a buyer can offer this, it can help increase your offer power.

Move Into a Short-Term Rental

This option requires a double move. A buyer would sell their current home and move into a short-term rental (often 3 months or less) while they house hunt. This allows buyers to write a non-contingent offer, taking the stress off of trying to find a home before your home sells.

Explore Less Competitive Areas/Price Points

By looking into homes that are slightly outside of your ideal location or at a less competitive price point, buyers may find more options available and that they can get more “bang for their buck”.

Submit a Contingent Offer

In a competitive market, this option may not make your offer strong enough. Your offer would be contingent upon the sale/settlement of your existing home. Some sellers might be hesitant to accept a contingent offer, but for others who are still home searching while selling it can be a relief.

Discuss Seller Financing

In some instances, sellers are open to selling their home to a buyer, but instead of the buyer taking out a bank loan, the seller holds a private loan. This is a less common approach but in some instances a viable option.

Use a Bridge Loan

This option is for those who have the financial ability to be approved for a new home before they sell their current home and enough equity to use for their down payment. Not all banks offer bridge loans, so it’s important to discuss the best option with a qualified lender.


This allows buyers to utilize the equity in their own home for the down payment on a new home. This is similar to a bridge loan in that you need to be able to qualify for a new mortgage without selling your existing home, but this is an option buyers will often use if they already have a HELOC in place.


These are just a few of the options we have seen buyers successfully use to buy and sell in today’s competitive market. All of these options have pros and cons which should be carefully considered before writing an offer. **It is important to connect with an experienced real estate agent to determine which strategy will work best for you.**