8 Projects to Add Value to Your Home

When deciding what home projects to complete on your home, be sure to consider the resale value. If you are currently living in your “forever home” it’s not as big of a consideration. If you’re thinking about selling within the next 5 years you may want to put a little more thought into your project decisions.

Below we have 8 different home projects with a range of beginner to more advanced. These are all projects, when installed correctly, can add value to your home.

*Always follow proper safety precautions when performing any DIY projects

New Faucets

Whether it be in your kitchen or bathroom, the faucets can update the look of any area. With so many styles and colors on the market now-a-days, you should not have a problem finding one to match your home’s style and décor. If you have some basic plumbing skills, you should be good to go.

Lighting fixtures and switches

Lighting can impact any room in the house. With some basic electrical skills, you can swap out an old lighting fixture for a new one. Or maybe you decide to add a dimmer switch to a particular light.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to take advantage of an outdoor space at your home. There’s several different styles and options to choose from. There are preassembled fire pits that you can buy from most home improvement stores. You can build a fire pit out of dry-stacked stone. They even have fire pit kits built with wall block from concrete paver companies such as EP Henry and Techo Bloc. Each option comes with its own pros and cons, so choose the one that’s right for your situation.

Smart Tech

Technology is evolving and more people are incorporating into their homes. Smart doorbells with cameras allow you to see who’s at the door or to check to see if your package has been delivered. Smart locks eliminate the need to worry about forgetting your house key anymore. Smart locks have keyless entry using either a touch pad or some even offer unlocking the door with a smartphone app. Smart home hubs such as Amazon or Google which help to connect a large array of smart products, is a simple install. There’s even smart lights. Some it’s as easy as changing out a lightbulb where others require some electrical work.

Cabinet Refresh

We’re sure you’ve heard it before… “kitchens sell houses”. It’s true, kitchens are a big selling point for a lot of home buyers. But if your kitchen is a little outdated, it doesn’t mean you have to take on a major renovation. You can easily update and create a whole new look by changing out the door and drawer pulls or by painting your existing cabinets to freshen everything up.

Barn Doors

Barn doors have increased in popularity since the rise of the modern-farmhouse style. As cliché as some people find them, they can prove to be a good addition to a home. When switching them out for a traditional swinging door, you can end up saving yourself room because you no longer need to account for the space for the door to open. Or you can even add a barndoor to give an upgraded look to an area that already had a sliding door.

Garden Shed

Sheds are great added space to any home. You may choose to use it as a storage area, extra workspace, or even a “she shed”. Once again there is a range of options, from pre-built sheds made of a range of materials. There are kits with all the materials you need to build the shed all in one bundle. Or you can even figure out the material list and buy everything on your own if you want a more custom shed.

Heated Floors

This project will add value but will only be worth it if you already planned on replacing the floors to begin with. Heated flooring can add a luxurious feel that many people crave.

This is no way an all inclusive list of projects that will add value to your home. This list can be used as inspiration for updates you may have been considering though. A big thing to remember is these projects will add value if completed well.

Do you have any value adding projects in mind that we haven’t mentioned here? Or have you tackled and of these projects and have any tips for those who are about to undertake them? Let us know in the comments below