Staging your home refers to a method of decorating your home that is designed to showcase its best assets, impress buyers, and sell it quickly for the highest possible price. Relative to the amount of time and money involved, staging may be one of the most lucrative projects you ever undertake.

Boost Curb Appeal

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but the outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come to tour your house, so make sure it stands out! First things first; make sure there are easy-to-read house numbers so people can easily find your house. Then continue to draw them in with freshly mowed lawn and some blooming flowers. You may even want to consider power washing your siding and walkways if they appear to be extra dirty.

If you have a porch, make sure that it looks inviting. Something as simple as a clean doormat can clean up even the smallest porch. Also, make sure you keep the porch lights on in the evenings. This will help showcase the house if there are potential buyers with evening showings or even if potential buyers just driving by in the evening hours to get a quick look at the property.

Get Your House Clean

This is one of the biggest steps to getting your house ready! It starts off with making sure your entire house is cleaned top to bottom. Yes, that means catching up on some of the items that you may have been putting off. Shining your floors, cleaning all the windows (even the hard to reach ones), cleaning countertops and scrubbing grout. Don’t skimp because this step is key. You may want to consider bringing in a professional service if you have a large house, or even if you just feel overwhelmed with the process. Don’t forget taking out the trash too. This step is so important and is problem the cheapest way to help your home put its best foot forward.


Potential homebuyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your home, which means showing them all the potential that your home has. Decluttering can help your home feel more spacious and feel like a clean start for potential homebuyers. Remove anything that you don’t use daily. Extra countertop appliances, extra furniture, or evening extra pictures or paintings on the wall. As you’re decluttering you may find that you don’t have storage space in your house to neatly hide your extras away and you may have to consider offsite storage. That could mean renting a storage locker while your house is being sold, or something as simple as keeping some stuff in a family members garage.

Choose Neutral Colors

Did you let your kid pick their room color and they picked a neon slime green? Although it may have made your kid ecstatic, it’s not necessarily going to be a turn on for potential buyers. Neutral colors help appeal to a larger group of buyers meaning more potential offers for your house while it’s on the market. Neutral colors don’t have to be just white either. They can be shades of gray, brown or beige. They are also sometimes referred to as earth tones.

Have Put Together Bedrooms

This goes for all bedrooms in the house but especially for the owner’s suite. You want the bedroom to look presentable. Clean linens, making the bed and removing any personal items or additional clutter is a great way to showcase the bedrooms in your home.

It’s All About Closet Space

Closet space and storage areas are a big deal for many homebuyers. Some even consider it a make-it-or-break-it selling point. When we talk about closets, we don’t simply mean just your bedroom closets either. Lien closets, coat closets and pantries all fall into this category too. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 20%-30% open space in each closet. This will give the impression of spaciousness and will show homebuyers that your home has plenty of storage space to offer.

Clean Up Toys

Depending on your location and home size, there is a good possibility that a family will be moving into your home. However, just because they have kids doesn’t mean they want to see toys sprawled out everywhere. Making sure kid’s toys are cleaned up will make your home more presentable to any potential buyer whether they have kids or not.

Defined Room Purposes

Maybe your have an extra bedroom that you’ve been using as an office. Or a spot in the basement that’s been used as a man cave. That’s no problem at all, but just make sure all rooms have a clearly defined purpose to them. Rooms without a defined purpose to them can be confusing to a potential buyer. You want to show them all the possibilities your home has.

Remove Personal Items

If you have a plush white robe that looks like it just jumped out of a spa catalog, it may be a nice touch to have hanging in your bathroom. But if it’s a robe that looks like its been around the block a few times, you’re probably better off not having it in plain site during showings. Baby pictures of your kids in the bathtub from when they were little? As their parent you may think it’s cute, but potential homebuyers may not agree with you. Potential homebuyers want to see themselves in the home as the tour, not looking at your family photos the whole time.

Beware of Pets

Plenty of Americans enjoy the companionship of pets. But again, while staging the home we’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible, which may include those that aren’t pet lovers. If you do have pets there may be some pet odors throughout your home. Consider getting your rugs steam cleaned and make sure to keep up on vacuuming and washing surfaces that might trap the odors. Also make sure to keep any pet beds, toys, or other accessories hidden when tours are scheduled.

Stage the Outdoors Too

We’re already talked about curb appeal, but what about your backyard or even a deck or balcony? You don’t need to have impressive landscaping to make your outdoor area appealing to potential buyers. Depending on your situation, something as simple as a small café style table with two chairs can be just the touch your outdoor area needs to show great potential that the homebuyer will love.

Think Seasonally

Selling in the spring or summer months? Consider having some blooming flowers in your landscape and some fresh cut flowers in a vase. Selling in fall or winter? Consider having a fire going in the fireplace and maybe even warm up some cinnamon sticks to have a seasonal aroma throughout the house.



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