Quick Tips for Making Your Landscaping Look the Best this Spring

Edges make the flower bed

Putting a deep edge on your planting beds makes all the difference. It helps define your planting beds from your lawn area, it helps contain the mulch so it doesn’t wash out, and it just simply looks good and clean.


Cluster your annuals

A lot of people love planting pansies because they add a nice pop of color to any landscape. Try planting them in clusters, it’ll make a bigger impact visually. Instead of spacing flowers out far apart just to reach a certain length, bunch them together 6”-8” apart from each other. The cluster of colors will catch the eye and make everything seem more full.


Fresh mulch does wonders

A fresh coat of mulch will make everything look great. Not only does it make everything look fresh and clean, but it’s also good for your plants too. It helps hold moisture for the plants and helps keep their roots warm during the spring while the weather still may dip below freezing in temperatures at night


Wake everything up with some fertilizer

People often think about fertilizing their lawns, but often forget that plants can get fertilized too. In both instances, the fertilizer is a great way to help bring back the fresh color to plants that we all miss during the winter months, and also helps them jumpstart their growing process for the year.


Stay ahead of the weeds

No one likes seeing weeds throughout their beds, but if you’re not careful they can get out of hand quickly. The best defense is to stay ahead. If you’re walking by and see a little weed popup, pull it right then. As soon as you put it off is when you return to a lot of weeds and you start to feel overwhelmed about getting everything back in control. Another option is to make weeding part of your lawn mowing routine. After mowing your lawn (which is generally at least weekly in this part of the country), take a couple of minutes and pull weeds.


Adding in some new plants

If you want to add some new plants to your landscape, spring is a great time to do it. The cooler weather in addition to the spring showers is great for the plants. They won’t stress as much from the heat, and the rain means less watering for you to do with a hose or sprinkling can.